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Drain Unblocking & CCTV Inspection

Drain Unblocking / CCTV InspectionBlocked drains, stormwater and sewer pipes can be more than just an inconvenience for your family, with the potential for water (or worse) back flowing into your home. Whilst it may seem like a difficult problem to solve, Garcia Plumbing & Gasfitting have the experience and equipment to quickly diagnose and locate the problem, and then provide a solution.

Drain Inspection and Location

First, we’ll need to work out where the problem is. We’ll locate a suitable entry point and then using our CCTV drain camera system, inspect and locate your underground pipes and also locate the blockage and determine the condition of your pipes.

Drain Cleaning

Once we’ve located the cause of the blockage, we’ll then know the best way to solve the issue. The most common cause of blocked drains, sewers and storm water are tree roots getting into pipes and reducing the drainage flow. If possible, we will use our water jetting equipment to quickly and safely break up the roots and clear the blockage.

Drain Restoration

In some cases, the blockage may be further impacted by cracked or broken pipes. In this case, Garcia Plumbing & Gasfitting will provide you with a plan to repair or replace your drain pipes, sewer pipes and stormwater so that you do not have issues in the future.